Product Development @ Atlassian talk tomorrow night.

Just a quick reminder that Joseph Ayoub is giving a talk on Product Development at Atlassian tomorrow night, Thursday 14/1/2016. Here’s a quick synopsis: With an ambitious mission statement to ‘unleash the potential in every team’ and ‘advance humanity though the power of software’, Atlassian isn’t afraid to do things differently. Developers, Product people and […]

How to stay on top of the cloud

Information overload I sometimes struggle to keep up with the latest on cloud computing. The technology industry tends to move and change quite quickly and it is important to keep abreast of news and trends. But there is just so much information available today that I could easily spend my whole week just reading the […]

The cloud landscape in Australia

Recently I gave a presentation to the IBM ThoughtsOnCloud team about the state of cloud computing in Australia. Here are the slides for anyone who is interested. [slideshare id=24128025&doc=cloudlandscapeinaustralia-130711013822-phpapp02]  

Three ways to avoid cloud bill shock

You might be familiar with mobile phone bill shock. This is when you travel overseas, turn on your mobile phone data service for a few minutes, and then return to find a bill for hundreds, or even thousands of dollars. But bill shock is not just limited to mobile phones. Cloud computing is rife with […]

Kill cloud zombies before it’s too late

Cloud zombies are real and wreaking havoc on unsuspecting victims. Most people think that zombies only exist in the movies, but they’re wrong. Zombies are very real. They live in the cloud and are known as cloud zombies. And if you’re using any cloud services, chances are that you’ve already created some of these evil monsters… […]

How to stop this 75 year old woman from destroying your business!

Granny might be out to destroy your business and you had better act fast if you want to stop her and her kind. If you think that this sweet old lady can’t bring your business to its knees then you’re in for a rude awakening. Learn how to protect your business in my latest blog post on IBM’s […]

72,000 Dreamforce attendees shows that Salesforce has got real mojo.

Forbes reported that Dreamforce (‘s annual love-in) has 72,000 attendees.  eWeek says there are 90,000. My mind boggles at these numbers.  This is the equivalent of a packed-out Sydney Olympic stadium. The largest IT event I’ve attended was IBM’s LotusSphere in Orlando, which had around 10,000 attendees, and I thought that was a big event. If […]