Just a quick reminder that Joseph Ayoub is giving a talk on Product Development at Atlassian tomorrow night, Thursday 14/1/2016.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

With an ambitious mission statement to ‘unleash the potential in every team’ and ‘advance humanity though the power of software’, Atlassian isn’t afraid to do things differently. Developers, Product people and Project Managers at Atlassian really do live and breath the organisation’s core values, which include “Open company, no bullshit” and “Be the change you seek”. However how do the core values and culture around them translate into practices that Atlassian employees employ every day to get stuff done? What does Atlassian do in Product Dev and Project Management that you might not have seen in your organisation?

In this short talk Joe Ayoub will discuss some of the key attributes that make Atlassian’s work environment so unique, as well as explain some of the practices, rituals and tools that Product and Project Managers at Atlassian use every day to make them more effective in their roles.
In this session we’ll explore what it means to be an “open company” and how this changes everything about how teams collaborate, communicate, plan and execute. We’ll deep dive into how Atlassian measures team health, sets goals, builds roadmaps, tracks project statuses, and other fun stuff! While Atlassian products will be used for demonstrative/illustrative purposes, the majority of the tips and tricks will be agnostic of any particular toolset.

I’m looking forward to this talk and will give post a recap in the next few days.