Information overload

I sometimes struggle to keep up with the latest on cloud computing. The technology industry tends to move and change quite quickly and it is important to keep abreast of news and trends. But there is just so much information available today that I could easily spend my whole week just reading the latest news, leaving no time to work or earn an income. And that’s not an option.

You could just bury your head in the sand

One solution is to not try to keep up at all. To take the approach that if something is important enough then you’ll hear about it somehow. In today’s information-overloaded society, there is some merit in this line of thinking. Instead of spending all your spare time reading industry magazines and news sites, spend it with your family, friends, and doing the hobbies you love. Of course the downside to this approach is that you might miss out on the best projects and opportunities because you fall too far behind the curve.

The middle ground

My approach is to take a middle path and try to identify a select few information sources to follow – the ones that provide the biggest bang for their buck.

Staying on top of the cloud

The cloud computing landscape is moving fast and changing quickly, and it’s more than a little challenging to keep abreast of. In my latest cloud article for IBM’s ThoughtOnCloud blog, I describe the information sources I use to try to stay on top of the cloud.