I have written a number of books and articles over the years, with several more books planned for the next few years.

Current and Recent Writing

Insights on Innovation, Agility and Creativity.

Unlocking The Agile Mindset

The Seven Keys to Realising Agile’s Full Potential

ISBN: 978-0-6488075-2-0


The Agile Meeting Toolkit

100+ simple ways for Scrum Masters to energise Agile meetings and engage Agile teams.

ISBN-13: 978-0648807506

Earlier Writing

IBM's Thoughts On Cloud

After attending a week-long Cloud Computing training session in Bangalore, India, I wrote a number of follow-up articles on the current emerging cloud trends.

The View journal

The View was the premier technical journal about IBM Notes/Domino for 20 years.

It was pricey at $US395 per annum (the year 2000 prices!), but the articles were peer-reviewed and of very high quality.

The View closed in May 2015, and there aren’t many remnants left on the internet. Somewhat randomly, there is one issue still listed on Amazon.com. Otherwise, you can always find details of the journal using the Wayback Machine on The Internet Archive. For example, the May/June 2006 issue had an excellent article on Project Management Tips and Techniques. 🙂

Become a Master of Events: The Developer’s Guide to the Notes Form Event Model

April 2010
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Control rich text content with precision using the Lotus C API.

November/December 2007 issue.
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Introduction to the C API.

August/September 2007 issue.
[wpdm_package id='1038']

Search Engine Optimisation for Domino web sites.

November/December 2006 issue.​
[wpdm_package id='1031']

Best practices for Lotus Notes Project Management.

September/October 2006 issue.
[wpdm_package id='1031']

The most efficient LotusScript loop constructs for high-performance document processing.

May/June 2006 issue.
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Enhance workflow efficiency with user-configured mail merge.

Jan/Feb 2006 issue.
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January/February 2005
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January/February 2005
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IBM Redbook

IBM Redbooks are technical content developed and published by IBM’s International Technical Support Organization (ITSO). Redbooks are created through the ITSO residency process and are generally published 60–90 days after residency completion.

I spent four weeks at IBM Rochester, Minnesota to produce this book.  I worked with a great team and we put in some very long hours to get this across the line.


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