Has the Facebook countertrend started? Fresh Stats On Social Networks.

Has to popularity of Facebook created a countertrend to move away from it? Maybe so, based on recent research on Social Media usage from New York University. Many Facebook refusers actually revel in their difference from the mainstream, seeing it as a mark of distinction, superior taste, and identification with an elite social stratum This […]

DFQ’s – the learning method for the Facebook generation

How do you educate people in an increasingly time-poor world and one where attention spans seem to be reducing quite dramatically? DFQ is a learning strategy invented by the School Of Thinking and as usual they seem to have been ahead of the pack in developing this technique. The¬†School Of Thinking is an educational organisation […]

Silicon Valley Says Step Away From the Device

Interesting¬†article in the New York times about even people at Facebook trying to lessen the amount of time they spend online. This reflects my own personal experience and also the experience of many of my friends and colleagues. There seems to be a growing view that too much time can be wasted online especially on […]