Free one-way ticket to Mars

Fly to Mars, for free! Whether it’s wishful thinking on a large-scale, or a serious effort to colonise the red planet, the Mars One project is certainly a case of dreaming big and then trying to turn that dream into a reality. The catch is that there’s no return flight!

Key communication lessons from the best start-up pitches

  Pitching is no longer just important for start-ups While pitching In today’s time-poor and information-overloaded world, getting attention, and getting your point across in a succinct manner, are valuable skills for every business person. Critique of the best start-up pitches Business Insider Australia has a great critique on some of the best start-up pitches from […]

Would MOOCs have allowed Einstein to teach the whole world?

Sometimes it’s useful to take an idea to its extremes and see where you arrive at. With MOOCs you arrive at a truly wonderful place, filled with exciting possibilities for humankind. MOOCs Explained MOOCs are free courses, taught online to a large number of students at the same time. This is the bleeding edge of education. Think […]

How to innovate faster than ever before.

Innovation is a hot topic and most organisations realise that they need to innovate just to remain competitive.  But most people still don’t know how cloud computing can dramatically increase their speed of their innovation and their ability to innovate. For the full scoop, check out my latest post about innovation and cloud computing on the IBM’s ThoughtsOnCloud blog.  

Love is in the App.

Still searching for that perfect Valentines day gift for your beloved?  One enterprising young man has developed an App in order to win his ex-girlfriend back. I’ve been wondering how long before we’ll start seeing extremely personalised apps, targeted to very small number of users.  It appears that this may a big step in that direction.  And I guess […]

10 Great Ideas Someone Should Invent

Some innovative and unusual ideas from TechCrunch.  I especially like the idea of turning Klout into real $ – the conversion of online activities into real currency is a curious concept and bound to feature more in the near future.

Stem Cells in Medicine: Opportunities and Challenges

I recently attended a lecture on Stem Cells in Medicine: Opportunities and Challenges at the University of New South Wales. The main presenter was Professor Alan Trounson, President of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine in San Francisco, California, the state’s $3billion stem cell agency. Dr Bernadette Tobin,  Director of the Plunkett Centre for Ethics at St Vincent’s Hospital, also spoke […]